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To our valued Stakeholders a word from Moho Management regarding its COVID-19 actions:

Moho would like to assure all our stakeholders that Moho is managing the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to maintain market confidence in the company and its ongoing exploration and operations.

The company is closely monitoring the status of Coronavirus and the advice from health authorities and the Government. We are in close and regular contact with the regulatory agencies - particularly concerning planning and preparedness for our activities and operations. We are also engaging with stakeholders, other mining / exploration companies and industry associations on their business continuity arrangements.


The company is actively advancing its gold projects towards production in the short and medium terms whilst monitoring the effects of COVID-19.

Moho’s business continuity planning includes staffing protocols and practices for employees in our office, in the field, and for those working from home, that enable us to continue to operate efficiently to progress our projects. We currently have no significant changes to the planned timing of our exploration and pre-production activities.

Moho operates remotely from multiple sites across the country, which enables staff to work in key locations to reduce the risk of contagion and maintain the capability to operate efficiently. 

We have in place a range of measures to help protect our staff and their families, as well as contractors and business partners working on our premises, against infection. The measures include:

  • Ability to operate from multiple sites and ability to draw on external contractors to enable continuity of  the company’s operations

  • Self-isolating and working from home to limit potential exposure to the virus or transmitting a virus to others

  • Making hand sanitiser dispensers available, encouraging good hygiene practices and regularly cleaning high-use areas. 

  • Discouraging unnecessary domestic and international business travel

  • Conducting meetings with external attendees electronically as much as possible 


Moho is mindful its responsibility to our stakeholders, suppliers and investors and the broader community to actively manage risk and ensure the operational resilience of the company.

We will continue to monitor the situation and are prepared to introduce additional precautionary measures as and when appropriate.

Be Well and Stay Safe,

Moho Resources Ltd Management Team

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