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Weld Range location map small.png

Weld Range North
Prospective for Ni-Cu-PGE

Figure 1: Weld Range North Tenement Location Plan (on Google Earth image)

The Weld Range North Project which is one of seven projects acquired through collaboration with Whistlepipe Exploration in 2022. The project is located on E20/1012, about 75km NNW of Cue in the Murchison region of Western Australia.

The region is part of the Youanmi Terrain and covers two distinct types of Archaean terrain - the predominant Yilgarn cratonic granitoids and the northern edge of the Weld Range Greenstone Belt. The Weld Range is a syncline of generally low grade metamorphosed deformed mafic/ultramafic assemblages with intervening felsic volcanics, mainly tuffaceous and schistose assemblages.

Large-scale mafic–ultramafic magmatic processes in the Meso- to Neoarchean of the Yilgarn Craton in Western Australia have long been recognized and are now regarded as components of several large igneous provinces (LIP) spanning 100 million years. The Youanmi Terrane in the western Yilgarn

Craton is unusual in that greenstone belts contain a large proportion of intrusive mafic–ultramafic rocks. It is thought that the coincidental magnetic and gravity anomalies at Moho’s Weld Range North Project is the geophysical expression of one of these intrusions.

Proterozoic(?) unmetamorphosed mafic dykes intrude the basement rocks in an east-northeast trend across the project area and are generally evident as outcropping dolerites.

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