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Peak Charles location map small.png

Peak Charles
Prospective for REE, Ni-Cu-PGE

Figure 1: Moho’s Peak Charles Project in relation to other companies exploring for REE (on Google Earth image)

Moho’s 100% owned Peak Charles Project is a 874km2 contiguous tenement package located approximately 88km northwest of Esperance, Western Australia, comprising 3 granted exploration licenses (E74/695, E63/2162, E63/2163) and two pending exploration license applications (E74/694- and E74/766). The Peak Charles Project was acquired through a deal with Whistlepipe Exploration Pty Ltd (ASX announcement; MOHO EXPANDS NICKEL & GOLD SEARCH IN WA, 25 October 2021). Although the original target commodities for the Peak Charles Project were Ni-Cu sulphide and gold, the project has now shown large scale potential for clay basin hosted Rare Earth mineralisation.

Rare Earth Elements and in particular, neodymium (Nd) and praseodymium (Pr), are becoming increasingly important in the global economy, with uses including advanced electronics, permanent magnets in electric motors and electricity generators and battery technologies. Currently, clay REE deposits are primarily economically extracted in China, with several other projects being explored elsewhere in the world including Western Australia.

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